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27 Solitaire Games app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 3984 ratings )
Games Entertainment Card Family
Developer: dogMelon Pty Ltd
9.99 USD
Current version: 4.4.1, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 30 Nov 2008
App size: 38.98 Mb

Are you looking for a fun solitaire app to play? Congratulations- you just found one...

But not just 1... You just discovered 27 solitaire games combined into one amazing app!

Youll really love the solitaire games included... from beloved favorites like Klondike, to the less conventional diamonds like Corona, there are so many games included that youll never get bored!

This app is packed full of features, including...

• 27 Fun Games to play
• Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
• HD Retina display support
• Detailed help, to easily learn new games
• Full Undo/Redo
• Great sound effects
• Automatic saving/loading
• Great cardbacks and backgrounds.
• Fireworks when you finish a game!

Heres a complete list of the games youll be playing...

• Aces Up ( Strange- but surprisingly fun )
• Alaska
• Australian Patience
• Bakers Game
• Beleaguered Castle
• Brisbane Solitaire
• Canfield
• Chameleon
• Corona ( Beware! Scarily addictive! )
• Cruel
• Duchess
• Forty Thieves
• Freecell
• Golf
• Klondike ( The timeless classic )
• Montana
• Mount Olympus
• Osmosis
• Penguin
• Pyramid
• Royal Parade (Very hard to complete! )
• Russian Solitaire
• Scorpion
• Spider
• Spiderette
• Tri Peaks
• Yukon

Remember- With 27 distinct games, youll never be bored again when you buy this app...

Pros and cons of 27 Solitaire Games app for iPhone and iPad

27 Solitaire Games app good for

I find this app a source of great relaxation during times when I am either waiting or just want to pass the time. (By the way, you can turn off the sound.)
Very useful in the dentists waiting room! Keeps your mind busy.
Great games, nice layouts but wish each game had ID on it when you select it.
Easy to use but sometimes hard to read the symbols. Could be my aging eyes
It took me 10 hours to win one game! And Im good at this too. Thought it was rigged up so you could not win, so I was disappointed UNTIL my first win. Now I have won several in a row. Dont give up if your having a hard time. Youll get it eventually, and then be a PRO!
Excellent.challenging games too play.lots of choices to choose from

Some bad moments

Really disappointed. Didnt like layout, numerals are to narrow. Seems like they are trying to hard to look different from mobility-ware.
Needs to have a hint button. And doesnt really explain the dealing.
This has to be the hardest and most stupid Klondike game I have ever tried. When you play any card game, from time to time, impossible combinations come up and you cannot proceed any further. This happens once in a blue moon, HOWEVER, this version includes all these permutations each time a game is played. It is not enjoyable in the least. On a good day, I can win once in ever 7 or 8 games but on a bad day, 1 game win in 20 is the norm. I have played Klondike off and on for at least the past 20 years and am very good at the game so I warn all new players to keep away from it as it is frustrating and abusive. Do not play this game
Just installed new update and now cant even change games...what to do??
Non functional. Crummy interface with featuritis animation. PLAY link inactive. Too bad, this was once great fun!
Your latest update totally messed up my game. I cannot play any of the games and this was one of my favorite games. FIX IT!!!!!!